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A website and app to help pilots evaluate and manage the risk of in-flight engine failure


What is Emergency Runways?

You're cruising along at 8500 feet, enjoying the view, checking the weather ahead... when suddenly the engine falters, then quits completely. This is the moment
you knew could happen, but hoped never would. Now you're a glider; and you're going to be on the ground in a few minutes no matter what, and you'd prefer it
to be a landing as oppossed to a crash. While you were taught to always be on the lookout for places to land, you're often busy in the cockpit, and now
you've got mere seconds to make a decision. There could be a forest in front of you, or a dense suburban landscape, but maybe an excellent place to land is behind you,
out of sight...

But, if you had the Emergency Runways app running on your smartphone or tablet, it would be constantly evaluating the best places to put the plane down that are within gliding distance.
An airport if you're close enough or, if not, off-airport locations that have been entered, reviewed and vetted on the Emergency Runways website (which has been copied to
your device for use in flight). So, instead of sweating it out having to search the landscape for your best option, the app is continuously displaying a large arrow to your best option,
so you know instantly what to do (it also displays a smaller arrow to the nearest airport in case of less severe emergencies). You may not have a parachute for your plane,
but this can be virtually the same in terms of saving your life.

That's Emergency Runways. Peace of mind.

While it's easy to say "just fly the plane," the superior aviator knows that having more options and more useful information leads to better and more timely decision making.
Great aviators aren’t risk takers, they’re risk mitigators. Mitigate that risk.

On the website, not only will you be able to create and review Emergency Runways, but you'll be able to draw your flight plan and evaluate your flight for engine-out risk.
If there are stretches where you are out of gliding range of an airport or existing Emergency Runway, you can study the satellite view and create them for you to use in flight.
The app, running its realtime analysis, will point to those as you fly near them

The Emergency Runways service will have two levels of membership: a free membership which will allow for the creation and review of emergency runways on the website, and a paid
subscription which will allow for a risk analysis of your flight plan on the website and the full in-flight app functionality.

Craig Maiman

Founder and CEO, EmergencyRunways.com

More Details on How Emergency Runways Works

Emergency Runways is a crowd-sourced database of off-airport places to land an aircraft in the case of an emergency such as an engine failure.
The database, which is created using this website, is combined with the FAA’s databases of airports, obstructions and terrain to enable
the automatic selection of the best place to put a plane down that is within gliding range. The website also enables a pilot to evaluate
their planned flight for potential segments that don’t have airports or emergency runways (ER’s) within gliding distance of the flight.

The mobile (phone or tablet) app will have these databases available in flight and will constantly calculate the best options for landing in the
case of engine failure by simulating engine-out glides to all the available ER’s and airports within gliding range considering the aircraft, wind,
terrain and obstructions (while also using the pilot's preferences for eligibility and choice order). This information will be displayed continuously for
the pilot to use at a moment’s notice.